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Ellen Conti Serves on Review Board Committee of International Jewelry Group

For IJO:

Ellen Conti of Conti Jewelers in Endwell has been selected to serve on the review board for International Jewelry Group (IJO). Ms. Conti was one of five IJO members chosen to select new jewelry lines for inclusion in the organization's buying group.

IJO is the largest buying group in the world with over 850 retail jeweler members in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

"Ellen was selected as a representative for the entire membership to sit on this committee because of her knowledge and expertise in diamond, colored stone, gold and pearl jewelry and because of her strong marketing know-how", said IJO's Director of Member Services, Penny Palmer. “We don’t buy product -- our members do -- so this process and these decisions are always left up to our retail members. Ellen’s contribution was invaluable.”

“This has been both an honor and a privilege to have been chosen for this significant task, which is essential to the overall success of the membership”,
Ms. Conti stated. “Because of the strength of this first-class organization, hundreds of vendors try to get on board each year. It was quite an interesting process working with four other retail members to determine who ’gets in’ and who doesn’t. It was also quite an awesome responsibility. It was a pleasure to serve in a role that helps make IJO even stronger.”

The board spent two full days at IJO headquarters in Southport, Connecticut, examining the lines of twenty-two companies. Members approved just a limited number whose craftsmanship and quality met their high standards.

"I am confident the membership will be excited about Ellen’s choices and we’re grateful for her qualified input", added IJO President Jeff Roberts. “These new lines will further strengthen our Buying Group as well as offer new opportunities for the retail membership.”

Conti Jewelers is the exclusive Master IJO Jeweler member in the Endwell area and is located at 532 Hooper Road.
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