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Yankees Beat Tigers, 5-1

Yankees Beat Tigers, 5-1
The Yankees have faced two Cy Young winners in a row. Enough is enough right? Not quite.

The Tigers send their third straight Cy Young winner to the mound in the final game of the series as Justin Verlander seeks his first win at the new Yankee Stadium.

Miguel Cabrera hits a sac fly deep to the warning track in right, Rajai Davis tags up to score, Tigers lead 1-0.

Bottom 5, Chase Headley blasts a towering solo shot over the right field wall and the game is tied at one.

Bottom 7, Brian McCann with a deep fly ball, sneaks over the wall in right and the Yankees lead 2-1.

Next inning, Mark Teixeira singles to left, Gardner scores and it's 3-1 Yankees.

They go on to win 5-1.
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