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U.S. Men's Hockey Team Earns Bye

The USA Men's Hockey team beat Slovenia 5-1 on Sunday to earn a bye.
The U.S. men's hockey team continues to show their sheer determination. Sunday they beat Slovenia 5-1. And with that win, the U.S. finished up group play unbeaten. They also earned a bye in the process, which means they get some time to catch their breath after a very grueling couple of days. This added rest is something Ithaca native, Dustin Brown, says is critical.

Dustin Brown says, "I think today's game was just about getting better to be quite honest and the rest will take care of itself which it did and I think it goes a long way in what we want to do in the long term goals of getting an extra day of rest will be a big help for like I said in the long run. It's not just a day of rest but one less game we have to play and it's one of those things where you have to use everything you can to your advantage."

So Dustin and Team USA will get some rest before the tournament Quarterfinals on Wednesday.
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