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Teachout visits Binghamton

The woman primarying Governor Andrew Cuomo made a stop in Binghamton.
Binghamton (WIVT) - The woman facing Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a primary made a stop in Binghamton.

Zephyr Teachout visited with supporters Wednesday at Cyber Cafe West after she went to a fracking operation in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

Teachout is a Fordham University law professor and liberal activist. She is a staunch opponent of fracking and was endorsed by the Sierra Club during her stop.

Teachout said Governor Andrew Cuomo has received more than a million dollars in contributions from pro-fracking interests and won't make a decision either way on allowing the gas drilling process to move forward.

"Andrew Cuomo has been silent too long. He has most recently been famous for being silent about the Moreland Commission, for being silent about whether he will debate me. In fact, he has been so silent, he doesn't like saying my name. I know it's a mouthful, but he can learn it, Zephyr Teachout," she said.

The primary is September 9. A spokesman for Cuomo's campaign didn't return NewsChannel 34's call for comment.
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