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Start-Up NY Continues Efforts in Binghamton

SUNY BEST is continuing its work in the Southern Tier Regional Hot Spot.
SUNY BEST is continuing its work in the Southern Tier Regional Hot Spot. The volunteer program acts as a networking organization for businesses as well as students, to increase job recruitment and provide funding for new companies.

Binghamton University hosted a discussion on SUNY BEST and Start-Up New York last Thursday about their efforts to revitalize the local economy.

Tom Shryver, executive director of New Venture Advancement at Cornell, gave an overview on the benefits of collaboration within the Southern Tier region.

"I think that the work that Binghamton University is doing with its incubator and trying to really support the innovation ecosystem here in Binghamton is something that we're trying to really do here in Ithaca. And if we could take a more regional approach and include Corning as well, we could have a whole that's greater than the sum of the parts," said Shryver.

An incubator is a place where businesses can go for assistance in starting or expanding their company. Along with the other benefits of strengthening the industry, Start-Up NY also offers a tax incentive for businesses to join.

BU will host another speaker in early April. For pre-registration and more information about SUNY BEST go to
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