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Pelella Announces Run for Reelection to City Court

A Binghamton City Court Judge is running for re-election.
A Binghamton City Court Judge is running for re-election. William Pelella made the announcement in front of a group of family, friends and supporters late yesterday afternoon.

Judge Pelella will be running for his 2nd 10 year term.

Before being elected judge, he worked in a prison, was a senior prosecutor with the Broome County District Attorney's Office and was a defense attorney. He is running again because he has the experience and compassionate leadership to do the job right.

He says it is an honor to preside over the city's drug court where non-violent offenders are worked with in an effort to rehabilitate their lives.

"By giving them that attention and support we're there to give them the support needed for a strong foundation for their recovery. That's what makes a difference. If they're just in the regular criminal justice system they might plead guilty, they might wind up in jail and probation and they're just going to be in this vicious cycle," said Pelella.

He also wants to start a veterans court to assist veterans who become part of the criminal justice system.

Pelella is running on the Democratic line.
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