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There will be areas of dense fog over parts of the Southern Tier Thursday morning. Once that fog burns off we will be left with generally sunny skies the rest of the day and it will be warm by early October standards.

Here are the weather headlines for the end of the week:

• Fog is likely Thursday morning.
• The mild weather will last through Friday and Friday night but then Saturday, cooler air will start to push in.
• Rain most likely overnight Friday into Saturday morning
• Coolest day is Sunday; highs in the mid-50s
• Back in the 60s by Monday.

We will be watching for fog again Thursday morning. Early fall is a time of year when the air can still be relatively humid. The combination of longer nights and moisture in the air can make for some tricky morning travel.

The longer nights allow the temperature to dip to the dew point temperature which is the temperature at which the air becomes so cool it becomes saturated with water vapor. This often results in fog. The fog Thursday morning may be thick in some of the valleys of central New York.

During the day Thursday, the sun should warm us enough to evaporate any fog by mid-morning.

The mild weather will continue through the work week but then change is in store as a cold front approaches New York. This front comes through near sunrise Saturday and it is around this time (late Friday night/Saturday morning) when our chances for rain will be greatest for the upcoming weekend.

Following Saturday frontal passage, much cooler weather will drop south over us from the upper Great Lakes. That will send us into the 60s on Saturday and into the 50s on Sunday.

It’s likely that warmer weather will return for the last half of next week. Just how warm we can get is in question, but some of our computer models are suggesting that more 70 degree weather may not be out of the question next week.

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