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After a chilly and in some cases frosty start, it will warm up quickly across the Southern Tier with plenty of sunshine. Temperatures will warm into the 60s this afternoon.

Here are the weather headlines heading into the weekend:

• Frost potential looks high for Friday morning, mostly for areas away from villages and urban areas.
• A quick warm up expected heading into the weekend.
• We are well into the 70s as early as Saturday.
• Slight chance of a shower as the warm air arrives Saturday morning.
• Better chance for showers and storms on Sunday

Clear skies and light winds caused temperatures to drop overnight Thursday. 30s are widespread close to sunrise this morning and in outlying areas there could be the first frost of the season.

During the day Friday, southerly winds will develop over us. Also, the coldest of the air thousands of feet above us will slide off to the northeast toward eastern Canada. This will allow the sun to warm us quickly. Mid or even upper 60s are a pretty good bet.

The southerly flow will continue to drive temperatures up over the weekend. On Saturday, we’ll see the temperature climb into the mid-70s which is above normal for this time of year. As this warmer air arrives in the morning Saturday be on the lookout for a spotty shower as the warm air is forced up and over the cool air that has been over us.

On Sunday, a new push of cooler weather coming our way should trigger showers and maybe even a few thunderstorms. It will actually start to feel a bit more humid and with winds getting a stronger in the lower atmosphere, there could even be a few gusty thunderstorms

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