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It will be a warm and humid day across the Southern Tier. We do expect showers and storms to develop this afternoon and some of the storms could be strong to severe.

Here are the weather headlines for the new work week:

• Cold front arrives Tuesday and with the front there will be some storms.
• A few of the storms could be strong with gusty winds the greatest threat
• The new air mass coming in behind the front will be comfortably drier, and a little cooler.
• We’ll be in the great weather for a couple of days mid week.
• The temperature climbs again by Friday.

A cold front now approaching from the Midwest is forecast to cross the Southern Tier Tuesday afternoon.

In advance of the front, scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop. The main area of storms coming through Southern Tier and Northeast Pennsylvania on Tuesday will be with the front itself. A few of the storms could have some gusty, damaging winds. Any storms will shift to our east during the evening.

The new air mass coming in behind the front is a little cooler, and considerably drier. That new air will settle in over us for Wednesday and Thursday.

On Friday, the winds will become southerly over us. That will bring in some warmer air. What is interesting about this particular warm up is that some pretty warm air will be also moving in just several thousand feet above us. The implication here is that, if we are warm aloft, the sun only has to heat a relatively shallow layer of air near the earth’s surface. This is a good set up for some pretty warm weather. Upper 80s are a good bet for us if not warmer…we’ll see.

Cooler air should return over the weekend.

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