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Clouds may break just enough Monday to allow for some sunshine across the Southern Tier. Otherwise it will be a quiet and dry day as temperatures rise into the mid-30s. Even milder weather and rain is in store leading up to Christmas Day.

Here are the weather headlines:

• Quiet start to the week Monday.
• Skies brighten a bit midday with warmer temperatures near 40 degrees.
• Tuesday is our day of change, rain arrives. Scattered in nature to start.
• Wind whipped rain on Christmas Eve
• Very mild temperatures for Christmas. Temperatures could be in the 50s early in the day.
• Cooling enough Christmas Day for some snow showers.

Happy winter! As of 6:03pm Sunday night the winter has officially begun. On this first full day of Winter it is starting out cloudy. There are signs that a few holes may develop in the clouds to allow for skies to brighten a bit come midday.

Our wind flow will come from a more southerly direction, so our temperatures will steadily rise in response. High temperatures Monday will likely reach near 40, and only go up from there.

We think there will be some light rain moving into the Southern Tier Monday night but it won’t be from the storm we’ve been talking about for the midweek. It is actually a separate area of moisture sneaking up the East Coast. Watch out east of Binghamton as temperatures may be cool enough that there could be a bit of freezing rain at the start.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

The latest forecast data is coming in and the computer forecasts are still calling for two separate storms to affect our weather Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Most of the computer forecast models are forecasting a system over the Midwest to merge with a developing storm either along the East Coast, or a little farther west in the Tennessee Valley Wednesday afternoon (Christmas Eve Day). The resulting storm should intensify rapidly and track north through the Great Lakes into southern Canada on Christmas Day.

In fact, the warmest part of the Christmas Eve-Christmas Day period will be when Santa is working his hardest overnight. Temperatures could be as high as the upper 50s at that point.

On Christmas Day (during the daylight), the storm will track to the north up into Canada quickly. Cooler air will blow in over us from the west by dawn. When everyone wakes up Christmas morning to open presents, our temperatures will likely be in the 40s. A change over to some snow showers during the afternoon are likely, but little to no accumulation is expected.

Amazingly, Friday, the day after Christmas, the weather looks quite pleasant with less wind and some sun.

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