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Innovation Day Talks Big Data

Today was Innovation Day at Binghamton University.
Today was Innovation Day at Binghamton University.

A variety of nationally known speakers, state representatives and experts from B-U talked about what big data means for people and businesses.

For example, some discussions dealt with us being surrounded by bits of electronic information all day and how that be used to make better decisions.

Ethical and privacy issues were also talked about.

Katharine Frase is the Vice President of IBM's Global Public Sector. She says using more technology in healthcare can be helpful and is something that will continue to be looked at.

"On the one hand you have physicians who are absolutely expert and know more by looking at you than what any system is going to tell them. On the other hand, you have more stuff being published everyday than any human has time to read, so how do we combine those things? How do we use systems to read and digest and suggest useful new pieces of information to the physician," said Frase.

B.U.'s Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships and the Center of Excellence cosponored Innovation Day.
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