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High-Tech Teaching at Seton Catholic Central

Seton Catholic Central is going high-tech with their robotics team.
In this edition of High-Tech Teaching, we go inside the robotics club at Seton Catholic Central.

There are seven students who are faithful members of Saints Robotics. They do advanced work like building robots and programming them. They also take part in competitions, including a recent one in Albany. In that case, the club's robot took a block from a scoring area and put it into a basket that was elevated.

Johnathon Van Atta is a senior at Seton. He has always been interested in robotics.

"There are a lot of things that go into building something like this and trying to establish it. You learn a lot of different disciplines. Sometimes you wear a lot of hats. I think it's a good experience, especially in the modern day with computers and technology going the way it does," said Van Atta.

Members of Saints Robotics meet several times a week after school.
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