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Hanna Talks About New Farm Bill

A new federal Farm Bill has finally been signed into law.
A new federal Farm Bill has finally been signed into law.

Congressman Richard Hanna stopped by Aukema Dairy Farm in the Town of Chenango this morning to talk about it with a group of farmers. The group supports the legislation. It makes reforms to national dairy policy, expands crop insurance and encourages new farmers to get into the line of work by giving incentives. Ironically, only about 20 percent of the Farm Bill relates to farming. Much of it deals with funding the food stamp program.

"It helps. There are resources available, money available, but more than anything there is certainty," said Hanna.

"There's certainty. For example, the crop insurance, we continue in every new farm bill to look at the crop insurance and make it more effective for our farmers in the northeast," said area field supervisor Lindsay Wickham.

Wickham says 60 years ago, 50 percent of Americans were directly related to a farm. Now, only about one percent are.
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