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Temperatures Friday will be seasonable, but some real chilly air is on the way for the weekend. Look for scattered showers this weekend as well.

Here are the weather headlines:

• A lot of rain-free time Friday; perhaps a spotty shower.
• More numerous showers Saturday; then turning cooler.
• A breezy and chilly Sunday; temps in the 40s.

Southwest winds will help push temperatures into the 60s Friday, but that will be the last time for at least the next week we'll be this warm.

A cold front is forecast to sweep east through our area Saturday. That’ll mean more widespread showers, and a drop in temperatures Saturday afternoon. Look for a drop from the 50s into the 40s during the day Saturday.

Sunday it’s very likely we don’t rise out of the 40s. The air will be trying to dry out. Winds will be out of the northwest, and gusty, averaging 15-25 mph.

It’s looking more and more like cool and damp weather will be the rule for much of next week.

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