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Black History Celebration at the B.C. Public Library

There will be a black history celebration tomorrow.
There will be a black history celebration tomorrow. It's titled American History through the Eyes of African Americans: The Civil Rights Movement. It will include an art exhibit.

The guest speaker will be Randall Edouard, who is the Assistant Provost at Binghamton University. Edouard will talk about important figures in the Civil Rights movement and how their efforts impacted future generations.

"Given our history, it's extremely critical to always revisit those folks and pay homage to those folks for the incredible work that they did," said Edouard.

Multiple artists will be featured at the exhibit. Edouard says there will be unique and inspiring pieces. The event will be at the Broome County Public Library on Court Street in Binghamton from 2 until 4:30 p.m. tomorrow.
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