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Binghamton’s First Hard-Core Mud Obstacle Course: Mud Gauntlet

From Mud Gauntlet:

The Southern Tier AIDS Program is excited to announce a new event. Participants will run, crawl, sprint and splash through the Mud Gauntlet, Broome County’s first-ever hardcore outdoor obstacle course.

The Mud Gauntlet is designed for athletes of all levels. You'll be given a choice of obstacles: Risk and Reward, or Tried and True. For example: Climb two 10ft walls in Risk and Reward or climb seven 4ft walls in Tried and True.

Jarret Newby of Binghamton and founder of Newbsanity is the presenting sponsor. Jarret began running Tough Mudders with his son back in November 2010. Jarret is a licensed contractor and in order to train for events he built an obstacle course on his property. This year Jarret placed first, in his age group, in the World’s Toughest Mudder (a 24 hour obstacle course). The Mud Gauntlet incorporates over 26 obstacles, most of which have been improved, modified or totally new for 2014. Mud running /obstacle racing is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports with hundreds of thousands participating worldwide. The Mud Gauntlet is destined to become the premier fitness event of the Southern Tier.

When is this Madness?
Sunday, April 13th
790 Dunham Hill Road Binghamton, NY 13905
9 AM

Are you ready for April 13th? We're taking on HIV and AIDS head on, and we're not going down without a fight. It's gonna get rough, tough, and downright dirty... Have you got what it takes?
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