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Binghamton/Ithaca-Series National Police Gazette Goes Online

From National Police Gazette:

The local monthly print edition of the National Police Gazette started in May 2011 as an alternative arts & entertainment newspaper in the Binghamton/Ithaca, NY, region. As of December, we have discontinued the monthly print format and are publishing regularly online at our revamped website, PoliceGazette.US.

At PoliceGazette.US, readers will find the same type of content they’ve enjoyed for over two-and-a-half years in a more Web- and social-media-friendly presentation. Some highlights from past and present include:
• Popular columnists Paul Juser, Briggs Seekins, Dave Rice, Ozone in the AM
• Special features like the nine-part series on the mysterious death and disappearance of famed Binghamton playwright Leonard Melfi
• Original comic strips “Zombie High Jinks” and “The Adventures of Kim Dotcom”
• Spotlights on local bands and music
• The best event listings in the region
• Primary reporting on issues like central New York’s mixed martial arts competitions and MMA’s legal status in the State Assembly, local political candidates and races, and other significant news items
• Exclusive interviews with notables from movie star Jason Statham to famed magician Todd Robbins to Cherry Poppin’ Daddies leader Steve Perry to fascinating local performers, politicians, and business owners
• The Police Gazette’s major role in Louis Cyr, the highest-grossing Quebec feature film of the last five years; and the Gazette’s appearances in other major motion pictures like the Sherlock Holmes films starring Robert Downey, Jr.
• Reprints of classic Police Gazette articles and art

The National Police Gazette is a legendary publication that originally ran for over 130 years and was the inspiration for much of what we take for granted in today’s popular culture. Playboy, Sports Illustrated, the National Enquirer, Guinness World Records, Esquire, Maxim, plus The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Howard Stern.... The list goes on; the Police Gazette did it first. Why call it the National “POLICE” Gazette? Because it also invented the John Walsh show America’s Most Wanted. It is America’s original tabloid, and the Police Gazette is back.

In addition to our regional publications, we provide a research service that has aided everyone from major museums and Hollywood producers to the general public; clean, restore, and offer for sale the great works of art found in old Gazettes; and manage all Police Gazette trademarks and copyrights. Putting the regional monthly online will free up resources to pursue activities like the digitization and making public of Police Gazette highlights from 1923 to 1977, a period packed with iconic sports, entertainment, and crime celebrities; and the development of additional movie and TV projects.

Go to PoliceGazette.US and click the current issue to view new local content. For more information, explore PoliceGazette.US, visit, and read entertaining and informative recent profiles of the original Gazette at and
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