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Binghamton Mayor's Race Profile: David

Election day is less than a week away. We focus on the Binghamton Mayor's race, specifically Republican candidate, Rich David.
I feel that I'm equipped to really deal with the economic challenges facing the City.
We continue our look tonight at the race for Binghamton Mayor. Last night we profiled Democrat, Teri Rennia. Now, we focus on Republican, Rich David.

Rich David worked at City Hall for six years under the Bucci Administration. He was Director of Community Relations for four years. The final two, he was Deputy Mayor. He also has a masters degree in Public Administration from Binghamton University, was the public affairs officer for SUNY Broome Community College before running for Mayor and has his own company called Confluence Enterprises.

Rich David says, "I feel that I'm someone who has experience in the public and private sector and has a very unique vantage point to come in and attack the problems. I think I'm the only candidate that six years of full-time experience working in the Mayor's Office. I think it's important for people to realize that there's a difference between working on City Council and voting on something and working in the Mayor's office, actually dealing and managing the day to day operations of the City."

David owns numerous properties through Confluence Enterprises, including 60 Court Street, where the Family Dollar is downtown, 45 Court Street, which houses two businesses and his home and two small apartment buildings on Clinton Street. He also co-owns Terra Cotta Catering, which has 30 full and part-time employees. David says he can use that business experience to help spur economic development.

David says, "I feel that I'm equipped to really deal with the economic challenges facing the City. Because, the City doesn't create jobs per se. City Hall creates the environment that allows for business owners, entrepreneurs and investors, like myself, to invest in the City of Binghamton. I know why I want to invest and why other people don't want to invest and I can work with them on investing in this community and creating jobs."

As to David's platform, he says he's focused on five key areas, including fighting crime, economic development and cleaning up neighborhoods. You can find out more details about his proposals on his website, The full interview is also above.
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