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Binghamton H.S. Thanksgiving Day Dinner

One of the highlights of Thanksgiving day is the annual Thanksgiving Day dinner at Binghamton High School.
As always, one of the highlights of Thanksgiving is the annual Thanksgiving Day dinner at Binghamton High School. About 1,500 people were expected to be served. It takes a huge effort and 300 students, faculty and staff to pull it off every year. Some volunteers were at the high school by 5:30 this morning carving the turkeys. This was the 19th annual dinner. Here are some of the staggering numbers; 5,000 pounds of turkey, 800 pounds of potatoes, 800 pounds of stuffing, 30 gallons of gravy, 550 pounds of sweet potatoes, 130 pounds of cranberry sauce, 420 pounds of corn, and 300 pies were served today. Binghamton High's National Honor Society hosts the dinner. The students say it takes a lot of work, but they love doing it.

Megan VanVorce says, "It's a win-win situation for everyone. For us, we get to be part of the community and see all sights of the community and help out and be a part of people who don't really have families and we get to cheer up their day a little bit."
Joseph Capani says, "It's great. We're seeing everyone in the community coming out and really it's a good way to experience the people of Binghamton and what they have to offer. I mean everyone is coming together. It's a great way to bring us together on this holiday."

The number of people attending the free dinner has increased over the years so a second dining room was opened to accommodate them. The dinner is paid for through community donations and by fund-raising efforts from National Honor Society students. If you would like to donate, you can make checks payable to BHS Thanksgiving Dinner and send them to 31 Main Street, Binghamton NY 13905, attention: Jean Klein, BHS Honor Society.
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