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Bedbugs in Binghamton Police Cars

In addition to criminals, Binghamton Police are battling bed bugs.
In addition to criminals, Binghamton Police are battling bedbugs.

Over the past few months, about five bugs have been captured at the front desk and in police cars.

Above is a picture of one of the bedbugs that a police officer took with his phone. They are likely coming from people that have been arrested.

Police Chief Joe Zikuski says any time there is a report of a bedbug, the area or car is fumigated, which costs between $80 to $120.

NewsChannel 34 has heard from several police officers about the issue. They don't believe enough is being done. Chief Zikuski says the department is going to concentrate on transporting about 85 percent of arrested people in a police van, which has a plastic liner in it. He says that should help prevent problems.

The police union president says there have been several fumigations over the past few months. He believes the City is taking necessary steps but, like cockroaches, there could be more that are unseen.
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