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BCS National Championship

Auburn and Florida State will play in the BCS National Championship Game Monday night.
Well it's finally here. The game everyone's been waiting for. Auburn and Florida State in The BCS National Championship Game. For Auburn it's been called a miracle season after some incredibly dramatic wins. Most notably, stunning two-time defending national champion Alabama in the Iron Bowl by returning a missed field goal more than 100 yards for a game winning touchdown on the final play. As history has proven, it's been hard to stop SEC teams. An SEC team has won the national championship the past seven years. True Florida State has heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston and the Seminoles have blown out their opponents throughout the season, but according to ESPN's strength of schedule metric, FSU has the worst schedule strength ranking of any team to play in the BCS National Championship in the past 10 seasons. But none of this seems to concern Winston who says he's ready to go.

Jameis Winston says, "We not going out there to play around we not going out there to take anybody for granted. We're going out there to play a great game. We're going out there to do what we came to do every single day 13 games. It's not over yet. Why not end this year with a victory."

Coverage begins at 8:00 pm on ESPN Monday night.
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