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Bandera Family Free Christmas Dinner

The 24rd annual Bandera Family Free Christmas Dinner will be on Christmas Day.
The 24rd annual Bandera Family Free Christmas Dinner will be on Christmas Day.It actually will be at two locations, one in Binghamton and one in Endicott.

Volunteers have been preparing for the feasts for the past 10 days. More than 200 turkeys have been roasted, there are 62 trays of stuffing, 1,100 pounds of potatoes have been prepared, about 15 cases of beans have been cooked and hundreds of pounds of yams and vegetables will be served.

In addition to turning the American Legion Post 80 into a large Christmas celebration in its dining hall, there will also be a celebration at the Boys and Girls Club of Western Broome in Endicott, this year. In total, more than 4,000 meals are expected to be served, including 2,000 at the Legion, 750 in Endicott and 1,500 will be delivered. Bill Bandera Jr. heads up the effort.  

"It starts with my parents who obviously aren't here anymore. But, it started with them. They created this and I've taken it. My whole goal since I took over is to expand, is simply to reach more people. We're doing that this year. What that takes though is a commitment from the community which we always get," said Bandera Jr.

Both dinners run from noon until 3 p.m. on Christmas Day. Mattel and Kohl's have also donated kids toys to give out at the Christmas dinners. You can get more information about the dinner or donate by going to the Bandera Family Christmas FaceBook page, just keyword Bandera Family.
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