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Engineering Analysis and Simulation

The Raymond Corporation

Engineering Analysis and Simulation – Job #8933

The Raymond Corporation

22 S. Canal Street

Greene, NY 13778

The Raymond Corporation designs, manufactures, sells and services electric forklift trucks for a wide variety of material handling applications. This opening is in the Engineering Analysis and Simulation department. This department is responsible for modeling and analysis of components or sub-systems to accelerate development and mitigate risk. The successful candidate will interface with engineering design teams and will be responsible for verifying structural design integrity and performance. The candidate will apply diversified knowledge of engineering principles and practices to a broad variety of assignments utilizing principals of FEA and systems modeling. The candidate must be able to work independently to model forklift components and assemblies using finite element software and verify desired performance given specified inputs. Must be skilled at performing classical hand calculations. The candidate will rely on experience to support designers and give recommendations on design. The candidate must also be able to apply skills to support laboratory testing of critical components when necessary. Complexity of assignments and latitude for independent action will be dependent on experience level. A proactive approach to problem solving is expected. Independently evaluates, selects and applies standard and non-standard engineering techniques and procedures.

• Must possess strong knowledge of engineering mechanics fundamentals.
• Must be competent in classical methods of structural analysis and have the ability to carry out finite element analysis (FEA) of machine components and sub-assemblies.
• Must possess ability to execute the analysis, interpret the results, and document the results.
• Must have the ability to clearly communicate results and concepts to engineers, designers, and management using both verbal and written communication skills.
• Must possess the ability to plan, organize and carry out technical activities and prioritize assignments for multiple customers.
• Experience with principals of DFMA is a plus.
• Experience with MSC PATRAN/NASTRAN finite element software is a plus.
• Experience with Adams software is a plus.
• Experience with Pro/E software is a plus.
• Candidate will be expected to continually expand technical skill level and abilities.
• Candidate will be expected to keep the manager informed of progress, changes, and priorities.
• Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology. Minimum 5 - 10 years of experience or equivalent. Master’s Degree is preferred.
• Possesses and applies to the completion of difficult assignments or projects a comprehensive knowledge of particular field of specialization.
• Needs to be able to cope with stresses and demands that are associated with the job and/or the work environment so that acceptable and defined levels of performance are maintained.
• Typically works under normal office conditions where required to sit for extended periods of time. Regularly spend significant amounts of time working in front of computer terminal.
• Typically works under normal office conditions where required to sit for extended periods of time. Regularly spend significant amounts of time working in front of computer terminal.

Interested applicants can apply online to our website- You will need to register on the site first with a Username and Password. Please complete the online application and attach your resume. Reference Job Number 8933.
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