Making Friends in Sochi

Published 02/07 2014 11:41AM

Updated 02/07 2014 11:49AM

When you travel, you never know who you're going to meet. But when you travel abroad, and it just happens to coincide with a once in a lifetime opportunity, you may soon find strangers to be more like family.

They come from different places: Seattle, Tacoma, Chicago...

But a coveted assignment landed a group of flight attendants in Sochi, Rushi.

They've been to the Black Sea, the mountains, and sightseeing. But after knowing each other only a few hours, soon they were flying higher for several reasons.

"Oh, its been incredible. We are having the best time ever and we got to watch the Seahawks win the Super Bowl in Sochi. Doesn't get better than that"

"We've just bonded and become wonderful friends and had a great time"

"The only thing we haven't done is sleep, so far."

And soon these ladies will be taking off for their next adventure.

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