Summer Camp That Grows Every Year

Published 07/04 2014 06:05PM

Updated 07/04 2014 06:10PM

Sports summer camp is in full swing at the College at Brockport. "Camp Abilities" continues to grow every year. Ashley Zilka explains why this camp is so special.

A College at Brockport professor started the camp back in 1996. It's a week long camp, but a very unique one. These campers are beating the odds. 

Lauren Lieberman says, "Who doesn't love a good baseball game." 

It looks like your typical summer sports camp, but it's with a different twist. 

Chris Baker says: You are blind folded and then there is a ball that will beep and when you hit it, a base will go off and you have to run to that base." 

Chris Baker and 48 other campers are visually impaired or blind. 

"The ball beeps and then there are two bases and each base beeps, so when a player hits the ball, typically from a pitch, they run towards a beeping base and if they make it towards the base before the outfield picks it up, they get a point." says Lieberman

The one week overnight camp has become quite the hit at the College at Brockport. So much so, "Camp Abilities" has spread across the united states and even internationally.

Lauren Lieberman says, "Kids with visual impairments are born with the same potential as their peers. It's a lack of opportunity and experience and really attitudes of people around them that don't think they can do things that limits them." 

From beep baseball to swimming to horseback riding, campers learn nothing is impossible.

Lauren Lieberman says, "First time ever putting their face in the water, now a lot of kids are afraid to put their face in the water and here they overcome their fears and they get to do things they never did before." 

Nathalie Wood says: "I like it's this thing called one touch which is kind of like karate but it's not, it's basically self defense."

A whole new world of possibilities for the campers.

Chris Baker says, "I played it once at school and it was kind of silly, but i like this better."

A simple game of beep baseball that means so much more. In Rochester, Ashley Zilka, NewsChannel 34.

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