B.U.'s Moon Back After Injury

Published 08/22 2014 08:57AM

Updated 08/22 2014 05:14PM

Injuries are a part of sports and every athlete knows the risks every time they step on the playing field. Any athlete who has suffered from an injury also knows how hard the process can be to get back and the perspective it puts on a career.

For Binghamton University grad student Tommy Moon, the opportunity to play the game he loves is one he doesn't take for granted.

Tommy Moon had just begun his senior season with high expectations and was playing at an even higher level. In early September the Maine-Endwell grad had just come off a great weekend on the road and was back at B.U. for the home opener. Early in the game he was turning on the ball, got kicked in his fibula and went down. The injury would put him out for six months.

"I was devastated that I wasn't going to be able to help the team for the rest of the season, but as soon as we got the diagnosis we set a plan on how to recover and then it was all about recovering as quickly as I could to get back to playing again," said Moon. 

Never one to wallow in self pity, Tommy took the injury as an opportunity to be a leader in a different way.

"I would always try to encourage the guys, give advice to the younger players. I was at every home game, I was watching every away game on the computer so I knew everything that was going on. Any little bit of advice or encouragement that I could give to the team, that's what I did," said Moon.

Although recovering from a significant injury was difficult, once he got through the rehab process it was business as usual.

"Every summer I come in with the same goal of how much can I improve, how much can I help the team and this summer was no different. I'm still here to win a conference championship, to see how far we can go so it's all about just improving," said Moon.

"The most I'm proud of is the manner in which he has conducted himself from the first day he was injured until today. He is our captain, he wears the band, he's a guy who stays late and tomorrow morning he will be here first. He's all in, here early, staying late, doing all the little things that leaders and guys like Tommy do," said head coach Paul Marco. 

Tommy is ready to embrace this opportunity for a second chance and looks forward to doing his part to make it a great final year for him and the team.

"I'm really hoping to bring that little bit of extra quality to the team. I need to be productive and score goals, create goals. If I can add that little bit of quality into the team that the team already has, I think we will be pretty successful," said Moon.

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