Athletes Of The Week: The McKnight twins

VESTAL, N.Y. - This week, I visited the Vestal High School girl's soccer practice and spoke with two girls who are a part of an ever-growing family legacy at the school, the McKnight twins.

"They play real hard. They've got a wonderful I.Q. of soccer. Really passionate of the game," said Girl's Head Soccer Coach Bill Stepanovsky

Whether you call them the Dynamic Duo, Double Trouble, or whatever variation, the McKnight twins,

Olivia and Victoria, are a force to be reckoned with out on the soccer field.

"Throughout our childhood, every time we came home from school, we would always play two-on-two, one brother with one sister. And we would just have so much fun playing soccer every single day. That's what, I think, helped us all become such involved soccer players," said Victoria McKnight.

Tori and Livi, as their known to friends, are juniors at Vestal High School, but they're not the only soccer talents in the McKnight household.

They also have two talented older brothers.

Connor is a junior with the Binghamton University men's team, and Parker, is a senior at Vestal High and is a BU commit as well.

Something, once again, that the family will all share beginning in two years.

"We committed to Binghamton University to play soccer. So, all four of us will be continuing our soccer career and education at Binghamton," said Olivia McKnight.

The girl's said that there was always a level of competition amongst the McKnight kids.

"When they come to our games and we go to their games, we always tell them what they could do better, and they tell us what we can do better. Maybe not always in a nice way, but we're always trying to fix each other and help each other become better soccer players all around."

Vestal Head Coach Bill Stepanovsky has been thrilled to coach these girls for the past three years, and says that they are great role models for the team to look to.

But he says they also know how to have fun as well.

"A lot of joking around. They beat up on each other, and the team loves to watch it. They do put on a show, pretty much every day."

Whether it's at practice playing a round of land-sea-land, in the middle of a game, or off the field entirely, the girls enjoy their time with the close friends they've made through soccer.

"We all talk to each other at school, we're all friends in school. We work really hard at practice. And we push each other to motivate each other on the field, which really helps our team chemistry."

It's that push and motivation that help these two become better on the field.

And if the success they've had as Golden Bears continues once they reach college, the Bearcats will be thrilled each and every day, with each and every McKnight.

In case you were wondering who would win those two-on-two soccer games in the McKnight backyard, I was told it was whoever was on Connor's team usually got the win.

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