Athlete Of The Week: Scott Siberski

The Tioga High School football team's playoff run has them one win away from a trip to the Carrier Dome.

If they do win it all, there's a good chance this week's Athlete of the Week will have a big impact.

"As a coach, when you sit down to game plan on the weekend, that's one of your first decisions, and it's usually an easy one. Where do you put Scott Siberski?" said Tioga head coach Nick Aiello.

After a down year last season, the Tioga Tigers football team is back on the right track. 

A major reason behind the resurgence, senior Scott Siberski.

Tioga is in the New York state semifinals, and this is a situation that Siberski has been in before.

He was a part of the Tigers team that won the state championship back in 2015, and Scott says the best approach for a big game is doing what you've done all year long.

"When it comes to big games, not get too excited about anything. Just play it like it's a normal game, and be ready for everything that's thrown at us," said Siberski.

Scott's mental toughness has certainly helped him so far throughout the playoffs.

He plays the anchor of the offensive line at the center position, as well as at defensive end.

He had an interception and a fumble recovery for a touchdown in the section championship.

When I asked him about what it felt like to score that touchdown in such a big game, he gave me a very humble answer.

"Awesome. But I just had to get my head back in the game right after that."

Scott's focus and selflessness for his team is something that his coach, Nick Aiello, says is just one of his many great traits.

"He's just one of those kids. He'll do anything for you. If you watch him during games, a lot of times he's going 100 miles per hour between the whistles, but he's also helping guys up off the turf and stuff like that. He's just a nice kid. Great kid in the classroom, great kid to be around, and great kid to joke around with."

All of those important character traits can be traced back to a military family background.

"My dad served, and then two of my brothers. One just got out, and then one of my brothers is still in the Coast Guard. And then, my uncle just retired from the Coast Guard not too long ago too."

The one word that best sums up Scott's feelings on his family's service history?

"Proud. I'm always proud of them. They're out there serving us, so, I think I just give them a little return."

Scott even sees himself following in his brothers footsteps in the future.

"I want to go down south and work on boats like my brothers. That's my main thing when I get out."

Both his brothers worked as electrical engineers on boats while in the Coast Guard.

However, as far as the present, Scott and the Tigers have their minds set on one thing, a state championship.

But, they aren't forgetting the message that they've followed all season long.

"One day at a time."

At the end of the season, we'll see what all those days together add up to.

Scott and Tioga take on Maple Grove this coming Friday at Ty Cobb Stadium.

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