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Athlete of the Week: Brooke Maietta

BINGHAMTON - Chenango Forks senior Brooke Maietta has a list of accomplishments a mile long.

Whether on the field or in the classroom, Brooke embodies what it means to be a student-athlete.

"She's driven. She is the consummate student-athlete," says C.F. Head Coach Mike O'Hearn.

Brooke Maietta has certainly left her mark on the girl' lacrosse program at Chenango Forks High School.

During her five years on the varsity team, Brooke has notched over 400 career points.

She has a complete, overall game, but there's one thing in particular she believes she excels at on the field.

"Probably my draws. I know I spend a lot of time off the field practicing those. My dad has helped me a lot, and that's probably what I try to specialize in is definitely the draws," she said.

To go along with all those points, Brooke has also amassed over 700 draw controls in her varsity career.

As she mentioned, her father, Mark who is an assistant coach for the Blue Devils, played a big role in that.

"Well, you know, draws are such an important part of the game, whether you're playing women's or men's. It's all about ball control. So, I taught her a few things, but she has far outpaced any teaching that I could give her," he said.

Brooke's hard work on the field has led to her receiving a scholarship to play lacrosse at Binghamton University next year.

Despite having coached her since she was in 5th grade, Mark says it'll be nice being able to just sit back and watch for a change.

"It'll be great to have the ability to just be dad and sit in the stands. You know, I try not to coach her at home, because that tends to not work out for a lot of folks. So, I think we stay pretty strict, on the field I'm coach, at home I'm dad. So, I really look forward to just being a parent, and just watching her grow as a lacrosse player."

Mark, along with Brooke's mother, Kim, and sister, Kaleigh, are thrilled with having Brooke staying so close to home so they can watch her career continue the next four years.

As well as continuing with lacrosse, there's a whole different level of pride in her continuation of her academic career.

That comes not only from her family, but from her head coach as well.

"She values her work in the classroom. She works very hard at doing well. Her class rank is number two. And just a solid effort all the way around."

Brooke chose B.U. for the academic standards, as well as the level of competition that the women's lacrosse program provides.

It was a season to remember for Binghamton, and Brooke will look to jump in and help the Bearcats go even further next year.

"B.U. just made history. I know I'm just excited to be a part of that, and hopefully, make even more history there. The program has grown so much over the years. Each year, it seems to be that they're getting better and better. So, I'm hoping that I can contribute a lot there."

For both Brooke and B.U., the ceiling continues to rise.

Coach O'Hearn believes that Brooke's path is something that younger student-athletes can learn from.

"She's a role model for the others to see that, that kind of work ethic can often bring positive results."

A role model indeed.

Brooke is the first player in Chenango Forks girl's lacrosse program history to play at the Division I level.

She is planning on studying nursing at Binghamton come the fall.

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