Athlete Of The Week: Ava McCann

BINGHAMTON - The Seton Catholic girl's basketball team is in the middle of their season and looking to defend their state title.

This is a team that has many offensive weapons, but there's one in particular who as been historically good.

She's Ava McCann and she's my Athlete of the Week.

"Well, I always say that Ava is probably one of the best shooters I've ever had in my 20 years here," said S.C.C. girl's basketball coach Colleen Jayne.

Seton Catholic Central Senior Ava McCann has dedicated her young life to the sport of basketball.

Around the age of 10, Ava discovered the sport she loves.

Over the years, she has become a lethal sharp shooter, and spends countless hours perfecting her craft.

Seton head coach Colleen Jayne expressed just how driven Ava is to succeed.

"She's an amazing kid. But her work ethic for her shooting, and her perfection of her shot, and everything goes beyond practice here. It goes beyond BX. She probably shoots 100 shots, 200 shots a day sometimes. It pays off."

All that practice led Ava and the Saints to a state championship a year ago, and, on December 27th, Ava hit a three-pointer to notch her 1,000th career point.

That feeling was one she'd never forget.

"So amazing. As an athlete, those are the kind of moments that we play for. All the early mornings, late nights, going to the gym. These achievements make all the hard work so worth it," said McCann.

We know Ava's great on the court, but how is she off of it?

"Incredible. She's just a very humble, very generous, very nice, very loyal person. She's that way with just about anybody that will take the time to get to know her. I'm proud to know her, and I'm so happy that she's a part of my team."

Some other people that are proud to know her, to say the least, would be her family.

"I have a great, great supportive family. Two brothers and a sister. My parents who have been there for me through everything. My mom is my best friend. She brought me to all my workouts, and really encouraged me. She was a huge motivation for me. And my dad just taught me the sport, and spent a lot of time with me."

Her parents, Michelle and Joe, as well as siblings Alex, Angelica, and Ashton, have stood by her side and helped Ava along her way, and she says she couldn't have done it without them.

She even gave full credit for her shooting to one of her family members.

"A huge shout-out to my dad, because he's the one who taught me to shoot correctly. He spent countless hours in the gym with me, and really helped me be the player I am today."

Her performance in high school has led to her committing to play college ball at St. Lawrence University.

And apparently, head coach Dan Roiger has big plans for her when she arrives.

"He said he wants to build this team around me. So, that felt really nice. I think I'll be a shooting guard, wing, and just see what he wants me to do and go from there."

Whether playing on the court at Seton Catholic or at St. Lawrence, one thing will never change for Ava.

Once a Saint, always a Saint.

Ava also wanted to extend a big thank you to some of the people who helped train her: Reggie Hawkins, Rob Baxter, and Mike Constantine.

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