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Athlete Of The Week: Amanda Fedor

VESTAL, N.Y. - Many people dream of being able to play a sport at a major university.

For my Athlete of the Week, that dream becomes a reality this fall.

"Oh, I think if there's anybody that ever came out of this area that could play for a big time college program in any sport, it's her," said Vestal lacrosse coach Dave Williams.

Vestal girl's lacrosse coach Dave Williams has seen many players in his years of coaching.

However, he believes that one stands out among all the rest, Amanda Fedor.

"Amanda is by far the best player we've had here since I've been coaching, probably the best player Vestal's ever had. She's an elite, outstanding athlete. She's nationally noted as being one of the top players. And she brings just her persona, her game, she brings a great attitude. And she brings, and she's just a lot of fun to be around."

Williams and Fedor's connection with lacrosse started a while back, Amanda's sixth grade year to be exact.

That's when her love for the sport came into existence.

"Coach Williams was actually my 6th grade gym teacher, and he was always grinding on me like, 'You have to come practice with us, you have to try out for lacrosse. Get a stick in your hand.' And eventually I did, and it was just the best thing I could've ever done," Fedor said.

long with lacrosse and basketball, Amanda was busy with a different sport.

"I actually played peewee football for seven years. So, that definitely helped me with my athletics."

The former quarterback broke her hip when she was 12, and made her re-evaluate her sporting choice. She came upon lacrosse, and it has more than paid off.

Fedor is heading to the University of North Carolina in the fall to play lacrosse for the Tar Heels.

Despite receiving offers from several other schools, Amanda has many reasons why she chose to don the Carolina Blue next year.

"Just the whole atmosphere of it, it just felt like home. And it's nine hours away, so it has to feel like home and it definitely does. And they're competing for a national championship every single year, which is awesome and definitely one of my goals in life."

UNC has won two national championships, and Amanda hopes she can be a part of it's third.

Of course, she couldn't have done it without some help along the way from her biggest supporters.

"So, my dad coached me a lot through the youth programs with baseball and football. Then, my brother always inspired me to kind of play the guys sports, because I did play football and baseball when I was growing up. Just kind of trying to follow in his footsteps. So, yeah, my dad and my brother definitely pushed me to be the athlete I am today. And my mom's definitely the most supportive woman there could ever be. She's always there for me, does anything I could ask her to do. She's just awesome."

With the support from dad, John, mom, Kathy, brother Mike, coach Williams, and everyone in the Vestal community, there's no doubt this star from the Southern Tier will shine bright in Chapel Hill.

One of the schools Amanda could've chosen was Ohio State, which is where teammate Sarah Harding will be playing in the fall.

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