Crouch and Colleagues Unveil Solution to Reforming Common Core & Education In NYS – The Apple Plan

Published 01/24 2014 04:41PM

Updated 01/24 2014 04:41PM

From Assemblyman Clifford Crouch:

Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch (R-Bainbridge) and the Assembly Minority Conference today offered a package of reform proposals to address the growing concerns regarding the implementation of Common Core. The APPLE Plan, Achieving Pupil Preparedness & Launching Excellence, addressed questions that were raised during open public forums hosted by Crouch and his colleagues across the state about policies affecting our children’s education and reforming education in New York State. Crouch has been a long-time advocate for reforming Common Core and providing quality education to all students.

“When it comes to education, I’ve always said we need to make sure that we get it right,” said Crouch. “We have always been ready to listen, which is why my Conference has hosted over 11 forums across the state on Common Core and other educational policies. After listening to thousands of parents, educators and school administration officials, we are happy to present the APPLE Plan as a way to reform education in New York.”

In June of last year, Crouch hosted a successful Education Summit at Chenango Valley High School that featured a panel of administration and education professionals. Topics of discussion included, but were not limited to, the Annual Professional Performance Reviews (APPR), Common Core, state testing and how unfunded mandates take the focus off of educating our youth.

“When you have children telling their parents that they no longer want to go to school because they come home exhausted, upset, stressed or they are not sleeping, that raises a lot of red flags to me and signifies a big problem,” said Crouch. “These open forums helped bring parents, teachers and school officials together to gather good suggestions on how we can make a better educational environment for both our children and teachers.”

The APPLE Plan presents solutions to address critical issues in the areas of Curriculum, Teacher Support, Funding, Student Anxiety, Special Education and Data Collection and concludes with two reform options recommended by members of the Assembly Minority Conference. Proposed solutions within the APPLE Plan include:

•Stopping the rushed implementation of the Common Core State Standards;

•Providing funding for professional development;

•Eliminating the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA);

•Reducing the over-reliance on student testing;

•Reasserting that an IEP is the supreme document for the education of a child with special needs; and

•Requiring that parents must consent to any disclosure of student information to a third party.

Details of the entire plan can be downloaded at the following link:

“Everyone has a stake in this issue because most have or had a child in school. This is personal for them. We shouldn’t be turning our young people away from the excitement of learning,” said Crouch. “With state mandates clogging up the works and taking away from the quality of our children’s education, something has to be done, and the APPLE Plan is a great guideline to start with.”

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