Visions FCU Rolls Out Online Banking System

Published 04/29 2014 03:06PM

Updated 04/29 2014 05:08PM

Visions Federal Credit Union has rolled out a new online banking system.

Visions says it was developed for three major reasons: to make it easier for people to use, have enhanced security features, and let members have full control over their finances online.

For example, people can set budgets and track their progress.

Members can also get e-alerts on their phones or by email when their balances go above or dip below certain levels.

"What we feel that we have which is different than the other financial institutions in our area is a customizable dashboard on this online banking experience, where the member can actually drag and drop their accounts and sort them in anyway they want. So, they can have a standard view that everyone was used to before the conversion or they can go into this more customizable view and have more control over their finances," said e-commerce solutions manager Tom Novak.

Coming soon, Visions will be introducing more features for its new system including skip a payment, allow people to open new accounts and transfer money to any account within the credit union.

Visit to see the new website.

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