Vestal Students Discover Chemistry Through Magic

By Peter Quinn

Published 03/05 2014 04:11PM

Updated 03/05 2014 05:12PM

A group of students at Vestal High School put on a chemistry magic show for fourth graders. The high schoolers either already completed chemistry or are currently taking it.

In one of the tricks, a student pretended to set his hand on fire, although only the chemical on his hand burned. There were also flame tests where different elements were burned and each showed a different color.

"Our first trick includes making invisible letters appear on the board. Our 2nd trick is burning a five dollar bill and it doesn't really burn. Basically, all the tricks are whether there's a chemical present or not present. When there's a chemical present it stops something from happening which causes the trick," said 12th grader Ibraheem Rehman.

Other high schoolers want to get involved with the magic show to highlight the cool aspects of chemistry.

"We just hope they develop more of an interest in learning and more of an interest in science in general, because we think that's a really important thing to have. You have to take science in high school," said 12th grader Micehlle Chisdak.

"I got interested in this because I really like chemistry and whenever I do chemistry homework or study for chemistry I enjoy it. I decided to get involved with an extra-curricular activity so I can do more of what I like," said student Michael Spivak. "This is definitely something that peaked my interest, trying to get kids involved with chemistry so they can get as interested as I am."

About 30 high school students were part of the magic show.

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