UHS Emphasizes Healthy Eating During National Nutrition Month

Published 03/04 2014 04:39PM

Updated 03/04 2014 05:23PM

March is National Nutrition Month. To help mark that, United Health Services hosted a nutrition month display at its cafeteria today.

The theme was enjoying the taste of eating right and supporting local agriculture, including farmers markets. Workers learned about tips on how to include more produce in their diets and how to support local businesses who use local produce and meats.

Rebecca Robins is a registered dietitian. She said her hope is that employees at UHS will think more about how to eat healthier.

"If anything, we have a very large population here at UHS, if we can reach out and encourage our employees to support the local agricutlre and by doing so incorporate some more fruits and vegetables and healthier foods into their diets," said Robins.

One thing that everyone can do to eat healthier is to follow the my plate guidelines, which means that half your plate is filled with fruits and vegetables, a quarter is lean meat and a quarter is whole grain.

More information about eating healthy can be found at EatRight.org.

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