Town of Union business owner speaking out against town

UNION, N.Y. - A fed up Town of Union business owner is speaking out after the Town has threatened to limit his business.

David McDonough owns and operates Pines Pavilion, previously known as Country Pines, located along Union Center Highway.

McDonough has been hosting concerts, benefits, fundraisers, and catered events at the facility since 1991 and was recently told by the Town's Code Enforcement office that he can only hold six events per year.

He says since he purchased the business, the Town has repeatedly tried to disrupt his business.

He says they've enforced noise ordinances against him, but McDonough says his business should be grandfathered in because the noise laws were passed after he bought the business.

He says he's also been cited for issues regarding a walk-in cooler and a beer tap trailer.

McDonough says the Town is illegally trying to shut him down and they've threatened to put him behind bars.

"I'm not going to abide by it. I know my rights. If they want to throw me in jail, then that's what they'll have to do. I'm booking now and if they don't get off my butt, I'm going to keep booking and even book more than I normally would," said McDonough.

Town of Union Supervisor Rose Sotak tells NewsChannel 34 there is potential litigation between the Town and McDonough and therefore she cannot comment on the situation.

However, she says she supports Town of Union businesses but also supports neighboring residents who have a right to enjoy their properties.

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