Tioga Downs, Traditions Gaming License Presentation Preview

Published 09/01 2014 07:52PM

Updated 09/01 2014 08:43PM

One week from today, the owners of Tioga Downs and Traditions will be in Albany making their pitches to a gaming commission siting board as to why they should be awarded the Southern Tier's casino license.

Both business proposals from our area are competing with another venture upstate between Syracuse and Rochester for the full-fledged casino license, which includes allowing table games. Traditions owner Bill Walsh says one of the things that sets his proposal apart from Tioga Downs is its location and the direct impact a casino would have on surrounding businesses and the economy.

Traditions Owner, Bill Walsh says, "We have an opportunity to do that because of what this area offers. We have a community, that's the thing that really sets us apart from the other competitors in our area. The community really needs this."

Meanwhile Tioga Downs, which is already established as a casino with video lottery machines and horse racing in Nichols, says its location and proposal are best. Owner Jeff Gural says its rural spot is ideal, because it limits the traffic impact on residents. Gural also hopes that later this month, on September 24th, many people will travel to Ithaca to give their thoughts about the proposals at a public hearing that the siting board will hold.

Tioga Downs Owner, Jeff Gural says, "We certainly hope that those of you who can travel up to Ithaca will want to voice their opinion on the subject will go up there, because that's purpose of the public hearings. Hopefully, we'll have people up there supporting us or complaining about the other two people. Either way is okay with me."

Traditions will be running a shuttle service from its location to Ithaca. For more information on both proposals, log onto the following websites. Traditions is at ThinkBigReallyBig.com. Tioga Downs is TiogaDowns.com.

NewsChannel 34 will be in Albany next Monday for the presentations and we'll have complete coverage that night at 6 and 11.

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