SUNY Broome Polar Plunge raises money for Criminal Justice & Emergency Services students

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - It's that time of year again when seemingly rational people appear to lose their minds and jump into a tub of cold water.

Eight brave souls participated in the 5th annual Polar Plunge at SUNY Broome.

Plungers receive pledges for the amount of time they spend in the unheated ice-pool with the money supporting the Wes Warren Memorial Scholarship Fund, named for the late criminal justice professor who initiated the plunge.

The scholarships support SUNY Broome students in the Criminal Justice and Emergency Services department.

Faculty member Leigh Morrissey says her body went numb within a minute of getting in.

"I was fortunate enough to get enough sponsors for $100 per minute.  I've been in here for about 10 minutes, 11 minutes so it's a good thing," said Morrissey.

Joining Morrissey and five members of the University Police force were two students.

Andrew Kinner is in his first semester studying to become a police officer.

He says he tortured himself by stepping down the ladder instead of just jumping in.

"Like death.  It takes your breath away," said Kinner.  

Amy said, "You're still in there though."  

Kinner said, "You see how tall that ladder is and how short I am?"  

Jim asks, "How long have you been in at this point?"  

Kinner said, "Six minutes."  

Jim asks, "Do you have a goal for how long you want to stay in?"  

Kinner said, "I'd like to not be the first person to get out," said Kinner.

Eventually, for their safety, Kinner and his pool-mates were asked to get out.

Each year, the plunge raises thousands of dollars for the scholarship fund.

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