Student art work comes to life with the help of augmented reality

CHENANGO BRIDGE, N.Y. - Chenango Bridge Elementary students saw their coloring come to life with a little help from technology.

The students took part in an augmented reality lesson, utilizing iPads and an application called Quiver.

It's an educational app where kids can print the special coloring sheets compatible with the Quiver software.

Students first color on the paper using markers, crayons, or colored pencils.

Then, they take an iPad, aim it at the drawing, and on the screen appears a 3-D image of the characters they've just colored in.

They can then play and interact with the character on the iPad.

CV STEAM Teacher Stephanie Mika says it's important for kids to keep up with the latest technology.

"This is what's happening now.  We need to get our kids familiar with these technologies and let them play and interact with them.  As they grow and as technology advances, they won't be behind.  They'll be right with it," said Mika.

The coloring lesson was only one part of an on-going initiative to incorporate more technology in the classroom.

Mika's classes will go on virtual field trips using Google Maps.

Mika also plans to Skype with other kids in the district and she's looking into opportunities to video-chat with other students from across the nation.

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