Southern Tier Solar Works to Host Workshop

Published 05/13 2014 04:21PM

Updated 05/13 2014 05:20PM

Southern Tier Solar Works will host a workshop tomorrow night for people interested in powering their homes through sunlight. So far about 700 people have attended a series of workshops about solar panels.

Adam Flint manages the program. He says one of the most common questions people have is if Greater Binghamton is too cloudy to effectively use solar power.
The answer is no.

Germany is the world's leader in using it and is actually more overcast than Binghamton.

The other main question is about the cost.

"The cost of the installations has gone down like a stone over the last three years. What might have cost $40,000 three years ago, costs in the low 20s now and that's before you even look at incentives and tax credits. So, a typical house system, once you figure those in, is under $10,000 and you don't have to pay anything upfront," said Flint.

The workshop will be at Most Holy Rosary Church on Route 26 in the Town of Maine tomorrow night at 7 o'clock.

For more information about solar power or to register for the workshop, log onto

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