Southern Tier Solar Works Promotes Sustainable Switch

Published 07/22 2014 04:26PM

Updated 07/22 2014 05:16PM

Faculty and staff at Binghamton University were learning about how they can use the sun to power their homes.

Southern Tier Solar Works hosted a luncheon and informational session in the University Union.

Solar Works Program Manager Adam Flint says there are several myths when it comes to solar panels. He says the first is that they are too costly.

Panels are affordable, especially with incentives from the government. A system can cost under $10,000 with no upfront cost.

Flint also says Greater Binghamton has plenty of sun and daylight to make them produce energy.

"Solar energy means that you can fix your electric costs for 30 to 40 years. It also means you are not relying totally on the utility to provide your electricity. It's a clean form of energy and it creates local jobs," said Flint.

Four program interns presented the benefits of solar power at the meeting.

Intern and recent Binghamton University graduate Phoebe O'Connor starts a new job at American Solar Partners, which is outside of our area, tomorrow. She was hired after only six weeks in the internship program.

"The reality of solar versus how many people perceive it is actually so incredibly different. Personally, I had the same idea. A lot of people think it's expensive and this lofty technology that a lot of people can't afford and isn't really for everyone. You can get a free assessment, finance your assessment with no money down and it's really affordable," said O'Connor.

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