'Show of Love' assembly teaches Chenango Bridge students about hope, optimism, respect through song

CHENANGO BRIDGE, N.Y. - Chenango Bridge Elementary Students celebrated Valentine's Day by reinforcing the importance of family and hope.

Entertainer Joe Trionfero  held his "Show of Love" assembly Wednesday for students.

He teaches students about hope, optimism, respect and the golden rule, treating others how you'd like to be treated, by way of songs.

To help reinforce the message, he quizzed students by playing clips of songs and TV theme songs that revolve around family and love.

Trionfero says technology in particular is creating a wedge between families when they're at home.

"I think the concept of family is disintegrating because of technology.  My dad would say 'the TV is the end of the family.'  He'd always talk about technology.  Now, people are just looking at their hands and the screens and I think it breaks down the family," said Trionfero.

Trionfero created the show in the 1980s and has made a stop at Chenango Bridge Elementary on Valentine's Day for the past eight years.

The show also revolves around self-esteem, peer mediation, leadership, and anti-bullying.

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