Second Grader Gets Special Surprise

Published 03/12 2014 07:51PM

Updated 03/12 2014 07:57PM

We begin with a very emotional and joyous reunion at Vestal Hill Elementary School Wednesday morning.

Second grader Ashlynn Orcutt's father has been in Afghanistan for the past ten months. NewsChannel 34's Peter Quinn was there as he surprised his daughter at a school assembly.

Little did Ashlynn Orcutt know when the patriotic themed assembly started that she was going to get to see her dad today. She wasn't expecting him back for two months. After the pledge and singing the star spangled banner, Ashlynn took the microphone to read a list of ten things that are special about her Dad, which was part of a class project. Dad, or Sergeant Scott Orcutt, was listening outside the gym and then slipped in.

Likely not a dry eye in the place, at least for the adults. Sgt. Orcutt says he got the idea for the surprise when he and Ashlynn were watching a tv show together.

Scott Orcutt says, "We were watching the one show where the soldiers come home and we were talking one night, me and her, I said what if daddy has to go again, would you want something like that? She said yeah. I thought I'd surprise her that way."

Orcutt was stationed at bases in Afghanistan. One of his team's missions was to help protect soldiers.

Scott Orcutt says, "We would fill up big bags of dirt and put them around the bases to stop the enemies from coming in. They were about 10 to 15 feet high."

After the assembly the entire school lined the hallways to help escort he and his family out of school.
Orcutt says it's difficult being away from family for such a long time.

Scott Orcutt says, "When we were in Iraq the first time it was kind of hard. This time on this deployment it made it a little easier having Skype and FaceBook."

Orcutt is getting ready to retire after being in the Army Reserves for twenty years. At Vestal Hill, Peter Quninn, NewsChannel 34.

Sergeant Orcutt is also a member of the Vestal Fire Department, which brought several of its trucks to the school to help welcome him home.

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