Rogue Civil Disobedience Banner Hung on Court St.

By Jim Ehmke

Published 03/06 2014 04:51PM

Updated 03/06 2014 05:18PM

An activist for campaign finance reform in New York State brought his rogue civil disobedience tour to Binghamton.

Matthew Edge and a supporter hung a banner from the domed Courthouse on Court St. calling on Governor Cuomo to push through the reforms. Edge is founder of Money Out of Politics, or MOP, which advocates for public financing of elections.

Cuomo has proposed public financing as a way to combat corruption in Albany only to have Senate Republicans refuse to take up the legislation. Nevertheless, Edge says Cuomo is the lynchpin to getting it done.

"Cuomo is an incredibly powerful person. He has a lot of political capital that he can expend. If he really wanted to go out of his way to stick his neck out for this and make it happen, if anyone could do it, it would be Cuomo," said Edge.

Edge says he plans to hang his banner in all 62 New York counties, culminating in Albany later this month. He says he's been to over 20 so far, hitting about five per day. Edge says he's usually in and out before having any interaction with law enforcement.

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