Binghamton DPW Commissioner let go after response to winter storm

Mayor David said this is part of an 'overhaul' of the Department of Public Works

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - UPDATE: Kellogg has responded after being let go by the City of Binghamton. You can read the full response at this link.


Terry Kellogg, the Binghamton Department of Public Works Commissioner, has been let go after his response to last week's major winter storm.

Mayor Rich David asked for Kellogg's resignation, as well as the resignation of First Deputy Commissioner Jon Yeager.

This comes after last week's record snowfall, with residents throughout the City of Binghamton complaining that the response to clean their streets in the days after the storm was slow.

Mayor David said at a news conference on Wednesday afternoon that William Barber, Binghamton's Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, will temporarily fill the post and help identify new candidates for the DPW Commissioner position.

David said that the City's response to the storm clean-up was "slower than it should've been", and said he's looking to "overhaul" the DPW.

He said that the response to the storm "brought to light a variety of issues" in the DPW that needed to be changed, and said the issues go beyond just the leadership.

"Mediocrity and the status quo is not acceptable. The City of Binghamton should and will lead by example in all areas of municipal service, including snow removal," said David.

David says that while he found snow plowing and removal to be sufficient in many areas, pockets of the city remained inaccessible 48 hours after the start of the snowfall.

The Mayor's review of Public Works will include how personnel are utilized and trained, what larger, more modern equipment the city might acquire and what rules govern on-street parking during snow emergencies.

"As the Mayor, it is my responsibility to dig down deep and evaluate all of our operations. I just want to reiterate, this is not limited to one aspect. It's not as simple as saying I'm just going to make a change with regards to leadership and that's it. Because I believe it's much deeper than that," said David.

David mentioned that cars parked on the road were one of the reasons crews had difficulty cleaning up streets in the City of Binghamton after the storm.

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