Rep. candidate for BC Clerk Mihalko proposing DMV improvements

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - The Republican candidate for Broome County Clerk is laying out his vision for improving the DMV.

Republican Joe Mihalko held a news conference at Kennedy Park, across the street from the Broome County DMV located on Chenango Street in Binghamton.

If elected, he's proposing an expansion of the mobile DMV, dedicating an employee to answering questions over the phone and creating a social medial platform for the DMV and Clerk's office.

Mihalko also wants to create an awareness campaign to encourage people to conduct their DMV business in person, rather than on-line or by traditional mail.

"I think if we can expand the hours into the evening or on the weekends, or expand the mobile service during the week, we can try to get the word out for people to use those resources to their advantage," said Mihalko.

Mihalko says if a transaction is completed at the DMV office in-person, Broome receives just over 12% of the fees.

However, if business is conducted online or by traditional mail, the state receives all of the funding.

Mihalko is opposed by Democrat Dan Livingston.

Democrat candidate Dan Livingston said: "This may be my first time running for a public office, but I’m like most people in Broome County; I’m used to making do with less. As a digital project manager specializing in digital efficiency for farms and other agribusinesses, I contract with some of the hardest-working small businesses to answer a simple question: “How can I do more with what I already have?” That’s exactly the kind of experience and know-how that Broome County needs right now."

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