Red Cross installs free smoke alarms

CONKLIN, N.Y. - Another big event on NBC tonight was the highly anticipated return of the critically acclaimed drama This Is Us which centered on the outcome of a home fire.

The American Red Cross is using the show's storyline to remind people of the importance of having working smoke alarms.

The Red Cross's Home Fire Campaign will install up to three smoke alarms in a person's home for no charge.

NewsChannel 34 was there Friday when volunteers installed an alarm in a bedroom of Abby Mack's home in Conklin.

Southern Tier Chapter Executive Director Colleen McCabe says that when there's a fire, every second counts.

"On average, people have about two minutes to get out of their house if there is a house fire.  With a smoke alarm being able to alert them to the fact that there's smoke or a fire, they can hopefully get out that much sooner and have that time to get to safety," said McCabe.

Red Cross volunteers also conducts fire safety education with the homeowner and encourages them to create an evacuation plan and to drill it.

The alarms are donated by manufacturer Kidde.

The Red Cross has installed over 500 alarms since last July.

If you're interested in scheduling a free installation, call 607-785-7207.

McCabe adds that people who successfully evacuate a burning building should never re-enter.

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