Prehistoric Exhibition at Roberson Museum

Published 04/17 2014 03:59PM

Updated 04/17 2014 05:16PM

The Roberson Museum and Science Center is inviting patrons to take a step back in time, way, way back in time.

The museum has opening a new exhibition titled "Journey from our Prehistoric Past."

It looks at how continental shift, the Ice Age and other environmental changes have affected plants, animals and minerals in our area. It includes a cast of a skeleton of the coelophysis, the only known dinosaur to have lived in what is now Upstate New York, plus fossils and a large head cast of a mammoth.

Marketing Manager Jason Fiume says the exhibit definitely has a cool factor.

"It has great graphics as far as showing how they would have lived and what they would have looked like. And that's the big thing, showing not just the skull or the skeleton, but also showing what it would have looked like when it was alive," said Fiume.

The exhibit includes some modern day animals using pieces from the extensive Loomis stuffed creature collection.

Roberson is open noon to 5 Wednesday through Sunday, and until 9 on Fridays.

Prehistoric Past is expected to be up for one year.

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