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Pizza Week: Nick's Pizza & Restaurant

We conclude NewsChannel 34 Pizza Week at Nick's Pizza & Restaurant.

Nick's in Endicott was one our most popular suggestions to feature for our series.

Jeff from Endicott says Nick's has the best pizza in the area hands down.

Our Mike Tanzini was at the Endicott eatery and got a hand in the kitchen thanks to his celebrity pizza partner.

Nick Cataldo has been making pizza since 1979 and was taught by his brother Tony.

They worked together in the former Endicott Plaza until they decided to split up and operate two spots in town.

Nick opened his Main Street Endicott location in 2004 and let me and Louie G in on his biggest pizza secret.

"You have to give a lot of TLC.  Every time you look at that dough, you say 'it looks beautiful.'  You have to give it a compliment," said Cataldo.

Before we get our hands on the dough I'm reminded of a lesson Louie taught me last time we did pizza week.

"No rings in the kitchen rule." 

The silky dough is stretched and hand tossed.

And even I pick up the technique pretty quickly.


Left-handed Louie ladles on the sauce that's full of fresh ingredients.

"Can you tell us what's in it?  No way," said Cataldo.

Nick's puts on the cheese that blankets the whole pie and Nick puts a little extra on just because he likes me more than Louie.

"It all depends on who shows up. If it's a good looking guy like you, we put more," said Cataldo.

But even Nick makes a few exceptions. "If this is for Louie, we'll put on some extra cheese!  Hey, that means your handsome I think."

We top the pie with a some of Louie's favorite ingredients.

Right before it goes in, we lay on the TLC.

I'm tasked with putting it in the 35-year old Baker's Pride oven that Nick says can bite if you're not careful.

Luckily, this week has turned me into a pizza pro.

When it's done, it's perfectly golden brown.

Pizza week may be over, but the nation is gearing up for National Pizza Day celebrated next Friday.

NationalToday.com surveyed 1,000 people nationwide on some pizza topics.

Only 2% of Americans dislike pizza, while 1 in 3 respondents say they eat pizza at least once a week.

What some call a pizza travesty, 10% of Americans like pineapple on their pie.

Only 3% of Americans stop themselves after eating only one slice of pizza, while 22% claim they can eat an entire pie.

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