NYSEG Funds B.U. Electric Upgrades

By Bryan Shankman

Published 02/26 2014 04:47PM

Updated 02/26 2014 05:20PM

Binghamton University is receiving funding from NYSEG to aid in the completion of two on-campus projects.

NYSEG awarded Binghamton University with a total of $800,000. The two $400,000 grants will go toward the Center of Excellence and Science's five buildings. These improvements aim to help the university save energy and money.

Both of the buildings cost about $30 million to build and NYSEG has stepped in to assist with the costly project.

"When you're expanding the energy base of a facility, you know, they have to run in new power lines, you have to put in new pipe lines, you have to put in new furnaces and so that expansion is very expensive," said B.U. president Harvey Stenger. "And so what they are trying to do is help you with the cost of that expansion because they know that you are one of their important customers."

The funds come from NYSEG's Utility Infrastructure Improvement Program which helps customers reduce the costs of building improvements.

"I think it's an indication of an example of how we've been able to facilitate change within the communities," said NYSEG president and CEO Mark Lynch. "Again, Binghamton University is unquestionably one of the largest economic drivers in the Southern Tier here and we are pleased to assist the university with continued growth and the benefits in this area and beyond."

NYSEG offers the program to business and industry that supports job creation.

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